Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Too Fast!

I cannot believe how big Baby Girl is already!  Why does that newborn phase go by so fast?  I am loving every minute of her, but she is just growing so big now!  She has to wear at least 6-9 or 6-12 month clothes already.  She is only 3 months!  She is so social, though!  She smiles at everyone who talks to her!  And you can't help just loving this cute kid with the biggest smile in the world. We love to get her giggling too. She's just so much fun!  Here are a few pictures I took in the last week or so. She loves her little GloWorm and smiles at it too. Some of her expressions look so grown-up too.
She hasn't been sleeping very well lately. I think she is just so much more aware of everything and everybody around her that she doesn't want to miss anything. She "talks" so much and even says "Ma" or "Mama" when she is crying for me. So sweet! I love the picture in her car seat with the "big eyes."  She does that all.the.time.  So funny!

Mother's Day

Boy, I sure have been behind!  Time is flying by me!  May was such a busy month. I think it was even busier than December!  The Friday before Mother's Day, PC took the boys to the Father and Son Campout and I took the girls to the Sky Sox game. Fun for everyone!  We all got a bit rained on, but I will have to do another post on that night.
Saturday night, I had them take me out to Red Robin for dinner. I got lots of chocolate the next day, which is fine by me!  The kids had all made me sweet cards or other neat things. It had made me a cute wooden block that said, "if I didn't have you as a mother, I would have picked you as a friend." We made a couple desserts and headed over to Nana and Papa's so we could all talk to Uncle Mark on his mission via Skype. He got to "meet" Baby Girl for the first time. Good times.

Monday, 6 May 2013

May 4

PC ran the Spartan Race again this year. It was this past Saturday, on May the 4th. I think he had fun, though was pretty worn out when it was over!
Baby Girl also giggled for her first time that day!  Love it!

Friday, 3 May 2013


Bucko and Minnie are running in Landsharks for the spring season now.  Their first meet was cancelled due to snow and they had a few two-hour delays at school, so only had two practices before their first meet.  They both did great though.  Minnie ran the 400 meter in 2 minutes.  She probably would have been faster, but she didn't know how to really pass people. They told them to stay in their lane for the first corner and to then move to the inside, so when she came up to people, she just stayed behind them instead of moving to the right and passing them.  She did pass some, but not as many as she could have.  Still did a great job!  Bucko ran the 800 meter. They put all the 3rd, 4th, and 5th graders together for that and he did great! We told him to take it easy for the first lap, so he would have enough energy to do the second. We saw a lot of kids tire out after the first lap because they ran too fast.  Bucko did great though and came in at 4:22.  We were proud of them!
I got pictures of the starting line because I videotaped the finish. I love the look on Bucko's face after the first lap.  It says so much! Like, "I am so tired! But I'm gonna keep going!"

Thursday, 2 May 2013


Baby Girl is so happy in the morning. It sure makes for a great morning when all she does is smile!
Here is a short video for all my family and friends who haven't been blessed to meet her in person yet!

And when she wakes up from her nap in the car seat, I always get smiles from her there too!

Learning her first trick!

PC loves to do this with our babies, and the rest of the kids thought it was hilarious!

Stud Muffin

Goofy is such a stud. We bought him two new sets yesterday and he just is so stinking cute!  This morning, we had a two hour delay because of this:
I can't believe we are getting snow in May!  Good grief!  We had 70-some degree weather earlier in the week. One friend said that CO weather is bipolar. I think I must agree.
Anyway, because we had a two-hour delay, we did not have preschool. We had some books due to the library, so Goofy, Baby Girl, and I went there after dropping the kids off at school.  I have missed going on Tuesdays and Thursdays because that is when they do story time. It was great today with a group visiting that did monologues of children's books. As we walked in, one mom looked at Goofy and said, "oh my goodness!  He is so cute!  Look at those freckles!"  And I agree.  He is adorable. He had his sunglasses on this morning and I told him he was a stud.  When he tried his new shirts on he said they were "cute."  Love this kid!

Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Two Months Old

The last day my sister was here, Baby Girl had her two month check-up at the doctor.  Boy has she grown!  She was 24 inches long and weighed in at 13 lbs, 1.5 oz.  What a chunker!  We love her thunder thighs, her double chin, and her cheeks that just hang down! We have tons of fun nicknames for her too:  Chunky, Chubs, Chubalicious, Chunky Monkey, Chanchita.  We also have nicknames not related to her size, but to how highly we think of her: Precious, Princess, Cutie, Sweetie Pie, Sweetheart, Beautiful,  Pretty Girl.  And of course we do call her Baby Girl a lot.
She did have to get shots, which wasn't much fun for her.  Poor little thing.  She got knots in her legs too and would cry when we touched them the rest of the day and the next.

Baby Blessing

So while Auntie K was here, we had Baby Girl's baby blessing at church.  We had originally thought she could wear the same dress that Tink and Minnie wore for theirs, but when we pulled it out, it just looked so dated we decided not to have her wear it. I had a tough time finding a white dress for her though.  A lot of times, I would find one I liked, but her size would be sold out.  I finally found one and got a little sweater to go with it.  It was so nice to have so much family here!  With Tink, we had my family there because we still lived in WV, and Papa was at Bucko's because he had a TDY to TX, but for Minnie and Goofy, we didn't have any family at all for theirs.  PC's brothers and his father were able to help give the blessing, and even Johnny was able to participate by holding the microphone for PC.  He was so was so cute!  Baby Girl was blessed with health and strength, to marry in the temple, and to seek wisdom from those around her and from her Father in Heaven, especially.  We sure love this little girl!
 Afterwards, we were able to have everyone come over for lunch. It was great fun and great food.

Auntie K comes to visit!

My sister was able to come visit us last month.  We sure love that girl.  We had so much fun with her, even though some days we didn't feel so good.  We just wish she lived closer. :(
I picked her up on a Thursday morning.  Baby Girl came with me.  PC didn't have to work until the afternoon, so Goofy stayed home with him.  I took PC's car because it is more "comfortable."  I put that in quotes because it should have been more comfortable than the van and would have been, only I had an infant in the backseat.  An infant, who halfway to the airport, starts screaming.  I figure she is hungry and since I needed to stop at a friend's house to drop something off, we detour.  I change her diaper in the car since my friend isn't back from dropping her son off at school yet.  Ok, changing a diaper in the van is fine.  Changing a diaper in PC's nice sedan, not so fun.  My knees are hitting the seat and I have Baby Girl in my lap.  Her head is hitting the car seat and I am trying to wiggle her diaper off, wipe her clean without getting any mess about, and get the diaper back on.  Remember, the girl is screaming!  She is hungry! So after I change her diaper, I try to feed her.  Problem:  she is too long and we are trying to turn at a diagonal so she can fit!  Luckily, my friend arrives at this point and I can go inside and feed her.  While I'm sitting there, my sister calls and tells me her plane landed about 20 minutes early, so she's already there.  Well, we skedaddle on up to the airport and get her.  So good to see her!  So the drive back, Baby Girl starts screaming again at about the halfway point.  I don't want to stop.  I just want to get home!  Well, she gets louder and louder and gasping for breath because she is screaming so much.  So when we get off the interstate, I pull over and, of course, she has the nastiest diaper.  Changing a diaper in the backseat again is SO not fun!  I strap her back into her car seat and keep on driving.  She is crying again, though, because I didn't feed her.  It was such a relief to get home.  And I felt so bad that Auntie K's first impression of her new neice wasn't a very good one. 
The rest of the kids were ecstatic to see her! 
We went shopping to Old Navy Friday night. That was another fun time.  Baby Girl's acid reflux was really bad that week.  Her dosage for her Zantac wasn't high enough any more, because she had grown so much.  So in the evening, she was especially fussy.
On Saturday, we went to the Olympic Training Center downtown.  We took PC's neice and nephew as well, since Bucko and Tink wanted to spend time with them while they were here.  That was our first time to the Olympic Training Center, and yeah, it was cool, but not all that I thought it would be.  It probably would have been cooler if there had been more Olympians training while we were there.  But it was a good experience.
After that, we went to the Garden of the Gods.  This is one of our favorite places.  The kids were cranky though, especially Minnie and Goofy. They complained of being tired and didn't want to walk around.  Minnie got upset at one point and just walked really quickly to try to get through it and go!  Sad for her, but kind of comical at the same time.  PC and Auntie K did "one, two, three, jumpy!" with Goofy to try to keep him happy as well.  At least it was gorgeous weather that day!
After that, we stopped at Chick-fil-A.  Possibly not the best idea, because later we all felt sick. No one threw up, but we all felt nauseous.  We went over to Nana and Papa's house to spend some time with the rest of the family.  Auntie K and I and decided to go shopping again, so we went to JCP and Target.  PC watched all the kids, so it was nice, but our stomachs just ached, so it wasn't as fun as it could have been.  But still great to have some sister time!