Friday, 27 September 2013


Bucko started soccer this month as well.  He has a game most every Saturday.  It has been great weather so far.  He has two good friends on the team and we are good friends with their families.  PC and I have enjoyed cheering the team on and chatting with friends at the same time.  It has been a good experience all around.

Baby Girl, 6/7 Months Old

I sure do love this little girl.  She brings such happiness into our lives.  She makes us smile every single day.  Her new thing lately is her Hulk Smash!  She does this a lot when we are feeding her.  I think she just wants the food faster!  She squeezes her fists and growls at us.  It is just so cute!  Sorry there are so many pictures. I just wanted to share all her facial expressions.  Cracks me up!
She had her six-month check up on August 27.  She weighed in at 19 pounds, 6.5 ounces and was 28 inches long.  Her head circumference was 16.75 inches.
 She is starting to crawl, though really she just rocks and scoots everywhere.  She also can pull herself to stand!  Walking in Minnie's footsteps.  She walked at 9 months! I hope she slows down and doesn't move as quickly as her sister.
She learned to drink from a straw this week. I love this last picture of her sleeping.  She's just so precious and perfect.

Crazy Weather

We had hail a few times this summer.  One particular Sunday afternoon, we got a doozie.  The kids loved watching it come down.  We opened up the garage door and they played a game to see who could keep their foot in the ice the longest.  Luckily, the only damage we had to our house was a little bit of paint damage on the garage doors and trim on the house.

Together Again

PC was gone all of July and August for work.  We were so excited to have him home again at the end of August. (And yes, he grew out his beard again while he was gone.) His brother came home from his mission two days after PC got home!  Then PC's sister and family moved back here to CO.  On Saturday, PC's parents hosted a BBQ for his brother's homecoming.  It was great to see so many of his family.  Baby Girl had a blast with some of her siblings and cousins when they pulled out this huge flying saucer thing.  They would shake it at her and she would laugh so hard! It was so cute!  I didn't get any other pictures that day and this one is blurry, but you can see how much fun she was having.
My younger sister moved out to UT that same weekend.  She started a dental hygiene program this month. She stopped at our house for the night.  It was great to have her even if it was just a stopover.  Her friend came with her to help her drive.  I snapped a picture before they headed off the next morning.

Swim Team

Tink swam on our neighborhood YMCA swim team in August.  She loved it.  Her coach was so sweet and even made every swimmer their own personalized ribbon.  She was put on a relay at the last minute, which was a great experience and she was able to meet some other girls and coaches doing that.  She was so excited and confident before we got to the meet, but when she saw some of the other teams warming up, she got pretty intimidated.  I loved watching her swim and was so very proud of her.

Buddy Walk

We did the Buddy Walk for Downs Syndrome back on August 24.  Yes, I really am that behind on this.  Our good friends, who also happen to leave a few houses down, have a son Goofy's age who has Downs Syndrome, so we walked with them on their team.  We had a blast!  They had breakfast for everyone first, with dancing and prizes.  Bucko had a blast on the dance floor doing the robot.  The walk was shorter this year than previous years because they had to change location due to all the flooding we have had around here.  It was so hot, though, we didn't mind!  We stopped halfway (it was a 2 mile walk) for a water break.  Bucko didn't realize we had stopped and kept going.  That was a scary few minutes.  I start praying and running back to see if he had just not left with us, while Tink and her friend ran ahead.  He realized he was no longer with us and was standing off to the side of the trail waiting for us.  He was fine and I praised him for staying put once he realized he was alone.  He cried a little bit out of relief, though, as did I, after we were all together again.  Whew!  Afterwards, they fed us lunch too.  While we were eating, Goofy sees his kindergarten teacher!  There is a girl in another kindergarten class who also has Downs, so she and her husband were walking on their team.  Goofy was so excited to see her.  It was a fun day, and we look forward to doing it again next year!