Monday, 14 August 2017

My Girls

Oh how I love being a mom to four girls! They are so much fun.
These two especially crack me up. They love to wear matching outfits and say they are besties.

I love how Minnie takes any opportunity to have her picture taken. It was hailing outside, so let's take a picture!
Tink has already had a great start to the school year. She is much more confident in herself and enjoying friends. One Sunday, she and one of her best friends ended up matching, both wearing the friend necklace Tink had given her for her birthday.
Hanging out in the front, the boys threw something on the roof. Minnie eagerly jumped on PC's shoulders to help get it down.
 And I'm so excited that she and her cousin get to go to the same school in the same grade! They aren't on the same team, but they do get to sit together at lunch!
 One more of this cute face. Minnie won this koala bear at a birthday party this summer. Tink is a little creeped out by it but the little girls love it, so she gave it to them. Who can resist that smile?


Tink was able to go on a Pioneer Trek up in Wyoming this year. She had a great time, other than the horrible allergies she had! She woke up both nights crying because her face was so swollen and stuffy. I felt so awful for her. She was very grateful to get home and wash all those allergens off and get some stronger meds!


Some other things that happened in July.
1. Our garbage disposal needed replaced. It was leaking and disgusting. I'm pretty sure it was the original one put in when the house was built. So I went to Home Depot and got a new one and installed it all by myself. :)
2. We had hardwood floors installed throughout the rest of the main floor. So they sanded down the old stuff and feathered in the new stuff. We picked a darker stain as well. We like the end result a lot.

3. Because of the new floors being put in, we stayed with PC's parents for a week and a half. The kids had fun playing in their yard. Yeti especially loved the big yard to run around in.

4. Rosie started wanting to say prayer at family prayer time. Shortcake wanted to help one time, and it was the cutest thing. I tried to get a picture real quick.
5. The last weeked in July, we had family come into town. They were supposed to stay with us, but since we still weren't in our house, they stayed with PC's brother who moved in just a few houses down the road!!! We have been so excited to have them so close!!! We had fun that weekend playing games and hanging out.

6. My BIL bought the house down the road from some of our good friends. We knew each other way back in the day when Bucko was born. Our oldest girls were friends at age 2 and then have been able to be friends here for the past 3 years. We had to reenact a picture we had taken before they left.


We only had one time we could go camping as a family this summer. We went up to Farish, did some paddle boating, and exploring of the big rocks. Always a good time. We adopted a dog a couple days before we went camping, so we got him used to our family really quick. When we got him, he was in bad need of a grooming. He looked like the Abonimable Snowman, and so we named him "Yeti." I was able to get him into the groomer's the day after we got home and she had to cut him down pretty close because he was so matted. He looks like a completely different dog! His hair is growing out again, but we won't let it get as long as it was.

 Bucko had Scout Camp soon after. Here he is ready to go.

Saturday, 5 August 2017

Back to School

And just like that, they are back in school! Grades 11, 8, 6, 4, and preschool! Summer flew by!

Rosie turns 2!

I cannot believe how big this sweet girl has gotten! She is so full of life, has the funniest expressions, and loves to sing! 
We invited all the family in town over for dinner and cake.
 I love this age because they are so excited for presents! I love her expressions!!
 Some of the cousins had a blast playing dress-up after the party! Love it!!

4th of July

We went up north to visit PC's brothers for the 4th. We went to the parade in Greeley in the morning and then had a barbecue for lunch.
We had fun playing games and enjoying time together. We got some little poppers for the kids and sparklers.
 We all had a lot of fun.
That evening we sat outside and watched everyone shoot off fireworks. So nice to enjoy the holidays with family.