Saturday, 24 June 2017

Crazy May

 We had a crazy snow storm at the end of April. The little girls and I got a horrible cold at the beginning of May. But on May 2, we were feeling pretty good (the little ones were feeling better and I didn't get it so bad until the next day), so we went out for a walk while PC ran. Rosie loves playig in the snow and we stopped to build a little snowman for others to enjoy. 
We also got an e-mail from Tink's teacher that day, telling us that her batik won 2nd place in an art contest for high schoolers in the area. So we went to the awards ceremony that evening at the mall. We were so proud of he, and now I have her beautiful painting hanging on my wall. I love it!
May 6--The weather turned around quickly and the kids enjoyed spraying each other with water while others jumped on the trampoline. It's one of their favorite things to do.
 May 7--I just had to include this picture of Rosie playing with Papa. So cute!
 May 12--The Father/Son campout fell on the same day we had tickets to the Sky Sox game, so it turned into a Mother/Daughter outing. We invited some friends to come, but the mom got a bad headache so we just took the daughter, Tink's friend. We had a blast. The fireworks at the end were awesome, though Minnie doesn't like them.
 May 13--Shortcake is a lot of fun. Some days I walk in to find this on my steps:
 May 14--I had a wonderful Mother's Day. PC got me flowers and chocolates. The kids woke up early and made me breakfast. Yum!
 I even took a selfie at church with my littlest one. She's growing fast and won't be little much longer. I love being a mom to these wonderful kids. 
 May 17--We had our final preschool party at McDonald's. The girls all had a blast. I had these certificates that we gave them to make it official.
 Goofy has been working on a big project in GT (Gifted/Talented). They had a special night at the school to present their projects. His was all about the rainforest.
 May 22--One of the big end of year projects that the 3rd graders do is Market Day. Goofy decided to sell paper airplanes and still needed some help finishing some, so he taught us how to make them so we could help.
Minnie had a science project due as well. She did one on making the fluffiest scrambled eggs. We tried most normal additions, like heavy whipping cream, milk, butter, sour cream, etc. Surprisingly, he fluffliest eggs were made with skim milk!
May 23--The F-16 Thunderbirds were out practicing for the Air Force Academy graduation, so we went out to watch. That was fun. Then we took the little girls to Bass Pro Shop.
May 25--Minnie graduated from elementary school! I can't believe she'll be going to middle school soon!

 May 28--We made it up to Emmy's graduation. That was fun. We were proud of her. She sang, played the violin, and spoke!
After the open house, we had time to relax and our old wedding video they found! Look at how young we were!

 May 29--We had a ward Memorial Day breakfast, which was nice. Bucko helped out with the flag folding ceremony.
 May 30--Our ward was asked to fulfill an assignment to help in the temple open baptistry, so PC and I went up and worked from 7 a.m.- 12 p.m. That was a lot of fun!
 And Bucko has a Court of Honor that night where he was awarded a few merit badges and his Order of the Arrow.

Wednesday, 24 May 2017


We made it to Utah the night before Auntie K's wedding. We stayed with a good friend of ours, so we weren't all crowded at my older sister's house. We were so grateful to them for opening their home to us. It was a whirlwind the first couple of days, but we were able to spend time with them at the end of the week. (More on that later.)
The ceremony was beautiful. They were married in the Salt Lake temple and the weather could not have been more beautiful! Though it was a long day and the kids were really tired, everyone was so happy for them. Shortcake kept taking my flowers. She just loved them. And I didn't mind her carrying them around for me!

 We had to get a picture of Shortcake with her new Uncle E, because a few days before the wedding, she walked into my room and said, "I'm marrying [E]." I told her that Auntie K was marrying him, not her. She just looked at me like I had no clue and replied, "Nope, I am" and walked out.
 The reception was beautiful. It was just down the road from my older sister's house, so very convenient. Shortcake didn't last very long until she passed out on PC. I had fun chatting with friends I hadn't seen in years and dancing with my sisters, daughters, and friends.

Great Wolf Lodge

When the school calendars came out last year, my older sister and I looked to see if our spring breaks overlapped at all since my kids always have 2 weeks of break. When we discovered that our second week of break was the same as their spring break, we decided to take our families to Great Wolf Lodge. However, a few months ago, I discovered that our school district changed our spring break and my kids were back in school that week! Luckily, the schools all excused them and we went ahead, especially since my younger sister decided to get married the same week in Utah! So right after our mini-vacay, we had to book it out to Utah for the wedding.
We ended up having a lot of fun.

 The boys both tried out the ropes course when we first got there. We had to wait a bit for our room to be ready. The girls did crafts and panning for gemstones. A lady gave Rosie a free glitter tattoo as well. She loved it and still sometimes asks about the hearts on her arm. (They have long since faded, but she remembers.)

 The two little girls loved the kid area and spent all the time in the park going down these two slides over and over. The fastest slide, the Wolf Tail, looks like a space capsule. You step in, cross your arms and legs, the capsule closes, and then there is a countdown to the floor dropping out from under you. You drop straight down and then do a loop. It's over really fast, but that drop takes your breath away and you feel like you are falling. PC, the four older kids, and I all did it, as well as some of my sister's family. The other slides with the tubes were a bit more enjoyable for me. :)
 The second day we were there, just happened to be free cone day at Ben and Jerry's. So we all got our free cone before heading out.

 Wednesday morning, we headed out to Utah. I had stocked up on small toys and treats for the kids to have on the ride. Rosie especially loved the twin babies I gave her!

Spring Break

 The first few days of spring break, we went camping down at Lathrop State Park. This is where we are having Young Women's Camp this summer for our ward, and since I'm the camp director, I really wanted to go check it out and really get a feel for it. Since we booked the large group campground, we invited Nana and Papa of course, as well as a couple friends. The kids had so much fun having friends there. The weather was gorgeous, so we felt really blessed since you never can tell how that will go, especially in March.

 We always try to make it to Skate City during spring break, and this time was no exception. I got Shortcake one of the trainers and she had so much fun skating with the big kids. We invited a friend, so she and Minnie were always together which is why Minnie isn't in any of my pictures. And of course we had to stop at Rizuto's for ice cream afterwards. After all, it is tradition.
 Cousins came down for a few days, and we all went to see the new Beauty and the Beast. It was awesome! We all loved it.

And I had downloaded a face filter app on my phone. The kids found that there was a Beauty and the Beast filter so they all had to try it. . . along with a bunch of others. It's so cute though, I just had to share!

Sunday, 30 April 2017

March Fun!

      As crazy as it is to have so many of our birthdays close together, it's a lot of fun for the kids. Shortcake kept building cakes around the house with cups and dolls and whatever she could find!
 These two have so much fun together! Little divas!
One of Shortcake's teachers sent home a volcano science experiment. She LOVED it!
 We had to celebrate Pi Day (3.14) with some cheese pie (quiche) for dinner.
 Our little girl and her baby playing Quirkle with us one Sunday evening.
 Rosie is just adored by her siblings and they always want to take pictures with her. Goofy and Rosie playing in Nana's backyard.

 Preschool fun!
 Tink and Bucko went to the temple the same day I took Minnie to get her ears pierced. Such a great group of youth!
Minnie had a field trip in March as well. They went to a museum in Denver. One of my friend's chaperoned and sent me this picture.
 Tink received her academic letter! We didn't go to the ceremony so I had her smile for me when she brought it home from school.