Wednesday, 24 May 2017

Spring Break

 The first few days of spring break, we went camping down at Lathrop State Park. This is where we are having Young Women's Camp this summer for our ward, and since I'm the camp director, I really wanted to go check it out and really get a feel for it. Since we booked the large group campground, we invited Nana and Papa of course, as well as a couple friends. The kids had so much fun having friends there. The weather was gorgeous, so we felt really blessed since you never can tell how that will go, especially in March.

 We always try to make it to Skate City during spring break, and this time was no exception. I got Shortcake one of the trainers and she had so much fun skating with the big kids. We invited a friend, so she and Minnie were always together which is why Minnie isn't in any of my pictures. And of course we had to stop at Rizuto's for ice cream afterwards. After all, it is tradition.
 Cousins came down for a few days, and we all went to see the new Beauty and the Beast. It was awesome! We all loved it.

And I had downloaded a face filter app on my phone. The kids found that there was a Beauty and the Beast filter so they all had to try it. . . along with a bunch of others. It's so cute though, I just had to share!

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  1. So fun!! Can't wait to read the rest of your posts! :)