Wednesday, 24 May 2017


We made it to Utah the night before Auntie K's wedding. We stayed with a good friend of ours, so we weren't all crowded at my older sister's house. We were so grateful to them for opening their home to us. It was a whirlwind the first couple of days, but we were able to spend time with them at the end of the week. (More on that later.)
The ceremony was beautiful. They were married in the Salt Lake temple and the weather could not have been more beautiful! Though it was a long day and the kids were really tired, everyone was so happy for them. Shortcake kept taking my flowers. She just loved them. And I didn't mind her carrying them around for me!

 We had to get a picture of Shortcake with her new Uncle E, because a few days before the wedding, she walked into my room and said, "I'm marrying [E]." I told her that Auntie K was marrying him, not her. She just looked at me like I had no clue and replied, "Nope, I am" and walked out.
 The reception was beautiful. It was just down the road from my older sister's house, so very convenient. Shortcake didn't last very long until she passed out on PC. I had fun chatting with friends I hadn't seen in years and dancing with my sisters, daughters, and friends.

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  1. Oh, those colors!!! I just LOVE all that yellow! So bright and cheery!