Sunday, 30 April 2017

March Fun!

      As crazy as it is to have so many of our birthdays close together, it's a lot of fun for the kids. Shortcake kept building cakes around the house with cups and dolls and whatever she could find!
 These two have so much fun together! Little divas!
One of Shortcake's teachers sent home a volcano science experiment. She LOVED it!
 We had to celebrate Pi Day (3.14) with some cheese pie (quiche) for dinner.
 Our little girl and her baby playing Quirkle with us one Sunday evening.
 Rosie is just adored by her siblings and they always want to take pictures with her. Goofy and Rosie playing in Nana's backyard.

 Preschool fun!
 Tink and Bucko went to the temple the same day I took Minnie to get her ears pierced. Such a great group of youth!
Minnie had a field trip in March as well. They went to a museum in Denver. One of my friend's chaperoned and sent me this picture.
 Tink received her academic letter! We didn't go to the ceremony so I had her smile for me when she brought it home from school.

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