Tuesday, 24 January 2012

First Birthdays of 2012

 Papa's was first, then a week later we celebrated Nana's. We've started our birthday celebrations. We have 4 more int his house in the next couple of months, so we may as well get used to it.
Papa was able to go to a bluegrass jam on his birthday. He loves those. We made Texas Beef Skillet for dinner and made a sugar free Striped Delight for his "cake." It really wasn't too bad.

 For Nana we sort of celebrated twice. Her birthday was on a Friday, but PC's brother wanted to come over too and couldn't make it Friday night, so we celebrated Saturday as well. Friday we made chicken Parmesan and then Saturday I made this pasta sauce I learned from a friend who served his mission in Italy.  We did crepes Friday night and made a trifle/punch bowl cake for Saturday. So we've had lots of goodies lately. So much for the holiday eating to be done!!

PC's brother had surgery on his left ear a week ago as well.  After it was over, the doc said that 95% of his eardrum was eroded away. So they rebuilt it with skin from behind his ear. Hopefully it will help him hear better.  Poor guy. It has been a pretty easy recovery. He was in pain for a few days, but really didn't complain at all.  He only had to wear this contraption for a day.
I pulled my back out last week so was pretty incapacitated for a few days. (I just bent down in Wal-Mart to look at something and when I stood up, I felt it go out. Hurt like the dickens.)  I didn't want to just lay around doing nothing, so I started working on their family history. It has been so fun.  Today, PC's sister called and mentioned that she was doing a free trial of so we've both gotten the bug! It's been so fun finding them!
The bad thing about hurting my back, though, was that I really couldn't exercise.  I shouldn't complain about a forced week off, but it sure felt good to go back to the gym today.  I'm sure I'll be sore tomorrow, but that's ok.

Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Overworked Tooth Fairy!

When we picked Bucko up from school today, he said, "I lost my other tooth!!!"  We couldn't believe it, since it was barely wiggly.  He said they were playing tag during PE and a boy tagged him, but tagged him in the mouth and knocked it right out!!!  Can you believe he made the tooth fairy stop at our house two times in a row? 

Sunday, 8 January 2012


As I was holding my youngest in my lap tonight, I revelled in the love that radiates from three-year-olds.  My baby isn't such a baby anymore, but oh what sweetness!  As I held his little hand in mine, snuggling like there's no tomorrow, I couldn't help but start the "I wish I could always remember the way...." Fill in the blank, if you will. 
I wish I could remember every milestone perfectly.
I wish I could remember all the sweet things they say and do.
I wish I could remember how they looked at every age and stage.
And on and on.
Then, I moved on and started thinking of all the things that I will never forget.
I'll never forget the feeling when they first get hiccups in the womb.
I'll never forget the smell of baby powder everywhere and the warmth and love that smell brings.
I'll never forget the way they grab for your attention, often literally. 
I'll never forget the "pitter patter of little feet" running around upstairs.
I'll never forget how they love to be sung to, read to, snuggled with.
I'll never forget the joy I have discovered from being a mother.
I'll never forget the love they give so freely and the feeling of being surrounded completely with love.
I'll never forget the first time I held each in my arms and how they each immediately stopped crying.
And so this list seemed to go on farther than the first, and I stopped worrying about the things that I won't remember perfectly and revelled in the memories I hold so dear.

Friday, 6 January 2012

Lost Tooth. . . Finally!

Bucko has had a wiggly front tooth for-ev-er.  He has been trying to get it out for months!! It amazes me how long it has lasted, but tonight he finally got it out!  As you can see in this before and after picture, he was able to twist his tooth all the way around.  Gave his sisters the creeps.  Funny thing was, though, as soon as he pulled it out, Minnie ran out of the bathroom crying.  I thought maybe she was sad he lost it or thought he looked funny. Oh no, that wasn't it at all.  I could only think of the story of Madeliene when she loses her appendix and all the little girls cry "Boohoo! We want our appendix out too!"  Well, that was what Minnie was crying about. She wanted her wiggly teeth to fall out as well. Soon enough.
And since my mom was asking about the view here, I took a picture from my window the other morning. (It's not the greatest picture, but at least you can see the view.)  She didn't realize we could see Pikes Peak. It is gorgeous.  PC and I ran together yesterday morning, and the sky was so blue and Pikes Peak was so pretty, it was just such a picturesque run.  What a beautiful world in which we live.