Wednesday, 29 April 2015

Cub Scout Awards

Bucko has been in Boy Scouts for a couple months now, but with all the changes and activities going on in our ward the past couple of months, they haven't had a pack meeting since he got his Webelos and Arrow of Light. Last night they did a big awards ceremony and he was awarded all of his awards. My friend took all these pictures for us, which was a nice blessing!


 Tink was in the musical "Cinderella" at her school. She has been going to practices for over a month and has been working hard at doing her best. She played the part of a villager (above), a mouse that turned into a footman (below), and one of the villagers that attends the ball and meets the prince (bottom photo, she is between the two girls in pink dresses). We were very proud of her and everyone loved it.

Thursday, 23 April 2015


My friend, Angie, also came to visit during my week off of school. It was so great to have her here.  She got pretty sick though from the altitude and I think she must have picked up a cold on the airplane as well. I felt so bad that she wasn't feeling well and couldn't enjoy every moment. The weather wasn't the greatest either. The first day she was here was beautiful but extremely windy. We went to the Garden of the Gods that day. The next day it was rainy, cold, and yucky. The third day, we got four inches of snow and they cancelled school! Of course, the sun ended up coming out that day and we were able to go have a little fun anyway. Angie was convinced that Colorado weather really is bipolar.

 Shortcake ran the whole way around Garden of the Gods. She is so funny. She loved touching the cedar trees for some reason. She kept wanting to stay near them. When we walked between trees, she would say there was a leprechaun in there and pretend to be scared. She is so hilarious!
 Angie liked the Kissing Camels! Can you see them at the top?
 Shortcake loved this little dog we saw at one point. And whenever she would stop, she would play in the dirt. What a cute little girl, huh?

The day school was cancelled and then cleared up, we went around to some of the model homes in our neighborhood. That was fun. We fell in love with this one. They even build on 1.5 acres. Yes, please!

Angie celebrated her birthday with us as well. We made a super yummy cake. It was our original Pistachio Nut Cake recipe (recipe at this link), but we switched out the pistachio pudding for cheesecake pudding. I guess maybe we could call it Cheesecake Pudding Cake.

 Shortcake provided the entertainment for us, as you can see below. She is such a ham!

The last day Angie was here, we drove over to the B-52 display on the Air Force Academy. You really can't appreciate how big that thing is until you are right under it.  

I loved this view with the mountains behind it.
We stopped for lunch at 3 Margaritas and then it was time for Angie to go to the airport. It was such a great visit. It is so nice to have lifelong friends!

Week Off

 I had a week off of school in between semesters. It was so nice to relax and not have anything too pressing to deal with. Of course, that was the week I found out I was going to be the new YW President in our ward. Yes, our ward finally split and our old President is in the new ward. I am so excited to serve and even more excited that I get to stay with the young women! Anyway, back to enjoying life with no pressing issues....oh wait, I guess that only lasted a day or two. Anyway, I enjoyed watching this cute girl jump on the trampoline and play outside. She is so much fun and just never sits still.
 I needed a project, so decided to make some Colorado ear warmers. That was fun and I think I made six or seven in just a couple days. I lined Minnie's with fleece and think I will get around to doing that to the rest of them as well someday.

Monday, 20 April 2015

Magic Show

 Nana and Papa went out of town for the weekend and Johnny spent the night with us. Saturday morning, there was a magic show at the library with Inspector Magic. Goofy was chosen to go up and help with one of the tricks. It was a pretty cute show. We went shopping afterwards and stopped for lunch at Costco.

Saturday, 18 April 2015

Craft Present

Minnie got some fleece fabric to make a tie quilt for her birthday. She wanted to make one for her bed, and we finally finished it. She loves it and I think it turned out really well!

Saturday, 11 April 2015


 We did an egg hunt in Nana and Papa's backyard. We had 255 eggs this year, and the kids had a blast finding them all. Easter fell on General Conference weekend this year, so we did the hunt between the morning and afternoon sessions on Saturday.

 We dyed eggs on Sunday morning. I used food coloring gel this time and we let them sit in the dye for a long time, which made the colors really bright.

 And, of course, we made Resurrection Rolls Sunday morning. I love this tradition because it really helps the kids remember the reason for Easter. Christ lives!

Spring Break

 It never fails during spring break here that we have nice 70 degree weather, and then a day or two with snow.  It's just funny.
 We went with some friends to Skate City one day. It was so packed! They had a lot of fun. It was nice that PC was able to skate with them as well. Shortcake wanted to skate, but when she got there, she was too scared. She stayed with me and skated on the carpet a little bit.

 It's hard to get any decent pictures while they are skating. That is Bucko with the green light up glasses.
Most of spring break was spent with PC and I painting the girls rooms. We put Minnie and Tink together in one room with bunk beds and got the other room ready for Shortcake and the baby. They look really nice, and I'm glad we were able to finish those two rooms at least.
The second week of break, we went out to the Paint Mines in Calhan. They were pretty neat. Shortcake loved hiking and complained when we put her on PC's back for a little while. We met up with some friends at the park for a little bit afterwards as well.

We were even able to spend a couple days with cousins during the break. It is always nice to be with family.