Sunday, 26 February 2017

February Birthdays

 My birthday always kicks off the birthdays for February in our family. A friend posted this yummy recipe for a Boston Creme poke cake a few days before my birthday, so we decided to make that. It was so good! And super easy. PC asked what I wanted for my birthday and after having Lasik the month before, I really felt like that was present enough. But I didn't want to make dinner, so he took us all out to eat at Red Robin. They even sang to me and gave me a sundae. PC didn't listen about the no present thing though and bought me a really nice duffel bag that will be great for camps and trips. He bought the navy and gold one and told me he picked those colors to remind me of where I came from. (Those are West Virginia colors.) It was so sweet. I sure love that guy. 
Shortcake had preschool on her birthday. I love how my friends take such great care of my kids. She had so much fun at school that day. (Of course it helped that they were doing their Valentine's Day party as well, but still.)

 This little girl didn't know what she wanted for her birthday. She kept changing her mind for what kind of cake she wanted. She finally just kept saying she wanted a pink pony on top, so luckily I was able to find one at the dollar store while I picked up her 4 balloons. She loved it all!
 I found her present soon after Christmas when there were tons of sales. It's a wooden doll house and it's almost as tall as I am. She loves it and plays with it every day. She used her money from grandparents to buy some more dolls for it. She bought Barbie's younger sisters this time. 
 Bucko wanted to have some friends over, so he invited a few over for pizza and a movie. They watched Middle School: The Worst Years of my Life. He asked for a Reese's cake. I found a recipe on Pinterest and it turned out sooo yummy too.
 He grew out of his bike a while ago and has been asking for one for a long time. He was so excited to get one!

 Goofy's birthday fell on a Sunday, so we invited the Colemans that live close by to come. We also invited Goofy's best friend and his family to join us. We always have to have striped delight for one birthday in February, and Goofy chose it for his.
 He got some Legos and a watch from his friends and we gave him a building set and a Weird but True book. (He loves those crazy facts.)

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  1. Wow! How come I didn't realize you guys had FOUR birthdays in February?! And Shortcake looks a lot like Tink!