Tuesday, 14 June 2016

Girls Camp

 I was able to go to Girls Camp again this year with my young women. I put together some "pillow treats" for the girls. I had some sunglasses I used and made printables that said "Look for the good in others and in yourself!" I also got some glow sticks and printed out a paper for them to slide into that said, "

This is the view driving up to the camp. It is so pretty up there. I love Camp Joseph. It is such a sacred, wonderful place for the girls to feel close to nature and feel the love of their Father in Heaven.
 We had fun at the archery range. We were so proud when we got the arrows to stick in the bag! One of my arrows hit the top of the metal fence and boomeranged back, almost hitting the girl next to me! It was a lot of fun, though. (Not the part where I almost shish-ke-bobbed a camper, but shooting the bow.)
 One of our girls celebrated her birthday at camp, so we tried to make it special. We sang to her at breakfast and even had a cupcake with candle to celebrate.
 I always try to go on the sunrise hike when I can and this year was no exception. I got up and made sure all my girls that wanted to go were awake, then made my way to the meeting place. We had testimony meeting that night and one of our girls shared a huge testimony building experience she had that morning when she thought everyone had left her for the hike. She prayed that someone would come back and get her, and every single one of the girls in her tent came back! We were all bawling when she shared the story. I believe many prayers were answered that week.
 The last night when the bishops come to camp, it was our bishop's birthday. So we gave him a birthday crown as well. I sure love these girls! It was a great week!

Saturday, 4 June 2016

Memorial Day Campout

We went to Farish for a night with PC's parents, three brothers, and their families. We had a lot of fun. The weather was perfect. I took a LOT of pictures, so I will just let them speak for themselves.

These girls loved having me take their pictures!