Sunday, 31 May 2015

Fun Days

 Our good friends moved to Texas this past week. We were sad to see them go. Bucko cried for a long time after saying goodbye. We were able to help out and watch their kids while the movers loaded the truck. We took them to the park before lunch. They all play so well together. We will definitely miss them.
Minnie had us play a Minute-to-Win-It game for Family Home Evening one night, and they all ended up doing the cup song at the end. It was a fun night.
We finally made it to the pool. It took forever for it to warm up in Colorado and it was still in the 60's when we went, but we had a lot of fun. PC's sister and her son came with us, so that was even better.

Young Eagles

They have this program at our local little airport where they give free rides to kids ages 8-18 to get them excited about aviation and teach them about airplanes. We signed up for May 23, but it was too cloudy to fly, so they moved it to this past Saturday, but again, it was too cloudy and they weren't able to do it.  So we ended up spending two Saturday mornings at the airport waiting for the clouds to clear up.  The kids were pretty sad that they never got to go up. We will have to wait until August to try it again. Hopefully all the rain will be done by then! We haven't had so much rain in Colorado for years!

Promotion Ceremonies

Bucko finished fifth grade this year, so will move up to the middle school next year. They had his promotion ceremony on May 21 at the end of school.
 Tink has her promotion ceremony that night as well. She will be going to the high school next year. It was a long wait to get through all those eighth graders, so we had a little fun with selfies while we sat there.

We got her a book she has been waiting for, so she was really excited. Bucko wanted a fedora and we were able to find one for him the next day at the mall.

Saturday, 30 May 2015

Kokopelli Kids Trail Run

 When they changed Landsharks to race on Sundays, we were very disappointed. I found a trail race that raced on Friday nights across town, so we signed the four older kids up for that. They ran three races and all did a great job. Tink missed the first night because she was able to go to a special fireside with Elder Jeffry R. Holland. That was an opportunity she couldn't miss.
Goofy ran a 1/2 mile race each time. His first time was 4:12, his second was 4:07, and his third time was 4:03. Minnie ran 1.3 miles each race. Her first time was 13:59, her second was 12:29, and her third was 12:46. I will say, though, for the third race, she had the toughest time. It started to hail right before her race, so she decided to run with her fleece jacket on. Not the greatest idea, especially since she didn't even zip it up so it was flapping all around her. Then while she was racing, the hail got even bigger! We felt so bad for her to be running while getting pounded with hail, but she did great and finished strong! Bucko and Tink both ran the 1.7 mile race. Bucko's first time was 17:46, his second was 18:43, and his third was 17:42. Tink only ran the second and third races. Her times were 18:34 and 16:59. None of them ever gave up and we were proud of all of them. 

Tink's last band concert

 Tink decided she is done with band and will not continue with it in high school. She is in concert choir and will continue with piano, so I was okay with that decision. There final concert was pretty cool though. They did some fun songs, including the 2001 Space Odessey theme and the Star Wars theme. They came out into the crowd and played for us so it was surround sound. Luckily, I remembered to ask her where she would stand and we were able to get seats right where she would be. Her band director even led the Star Wars theme song with a light saber.

Ward Dance

 This guy has been growing out that beard since January. Everyone loved it and it was even mentioned in Sacrament meeting twice. Once, the high councilman said that you could tell how much time as changed by the length of Br. Coleman's beard. The second time was the day after this. He finally decided to give it a shave. (It was the day before Mother's Day and it was a nice gift for me.) Because our ward split about a month earlier, there were a lot of releases and callings that Sunday. The counselor in the bishopric who was doing all the releasings made a comment at the end that he probably should have done a special release for Br. Coleman's beard. Too funny!
I have been wanting to have a ward family dance for a while now and decided to do one for my Choice and Accountability Personal Progress project. It was a perfect activity to bring our new ward together. Unfortunately, the weather did not cooperate. You would think it would be okay in May, but no, we had rain all week and then it snowed a few inches while we were at the dance. There were lots of ward members who couldn't make it because their basements had flooded. Everyone who came, though, had a blast. The young women helped me with decorations and set up. I chose a Candyland theme and it turned out great. My sister came to visit and flew in that morning, so it was so nice to have her help as well.
 We had a photo booth in the corner with props. The kids had a lot of fun with that.

 This is what the road looked like on the way home:

Tuesday, 5 May 2015

Giggle Monster

Can I just say how cute and fun this sweet little girl is? She is seriously so precious. The other day she was really tired and found this short clip of Olaf on YouTube. She kept laughing at it for about ten minutes and it was cracking me up!
If it doesn't work below, click here to see the video

She pauses to pose for me when she saw my phone.
PC wanted to run out in Black Forrest, so we went to the park while he ran. She loved hanging on the monkey bars and going down the slide. We had a little picnic too. It was nice to enjoy the sunshine as now we've been having lots of rain.
PC got this video of her scaring him and laughing so hard about it. She's just such a fun girl!