Thursday, 26 April 2012

Pinewood Derby

Last night was Bucko's first Pinewood Derby.  He and PC picked a "Flash" theme, though really they just liked the look of the lightning bolt on the car, not really "Flash" per se.  They painted it red and got it all ready.  Bucko also received his first progress bead toward his Wolf badge and 3 belt loops: music, science, and good manners.  PC was hoping Bucko's car would win a few runs at least, and he wasn't disappointed.  Here's his first race. (He's in lane one, in first place.)
Not bad, eh?  Yeah, he actually ended up placing 3rd overall!  They also gave him the "Most Electric" award and the Cub Master said he thought it was the "Flashiest." ;) 
We all had fun and I even made these yummy Cookies 'n Cream Cheesecakes for the dessert table.  You can find the recipe here.
 One of the den leaders made nice wooden plaques for first, second, and third places.  He put a bracket on there so you can mount your car.  I'll have to take a picture when we get the car mounted.

Music Performance

Bucko had a second grade music performance a couple weeks ago.  They incorporated a bunch of fairy tales and Bucko was the Big Bad Wolf.  He had a good time, and some of PC's family was able to come with us.

CM Zoo

We did make it to the zoo at the end of Spring Break. I'm just now updating the blog!  I have been reading so many books lately that I have let the blog updating go slack.  Finally getting around to it today. 
We had a good time at the zoo. Bucko talked to one of the workers (her name is the same as Tink's) for his final requirement for his Science belt loop.  She told him what she does at the zoo and what she studied in school.  He even helped her with the tortoise. 
We did get a zoo membership with the sky ride included.  Our first time going, I was worried that we shouldn't have added the sky ride, because I was terrified one of the younger kids were going to fall off! I have never been scared of heights before, but when two little ones are next to you, wiggling everywhere, I thought my heart was going to stop.  I had Goofy ride down with PC and I did better. We went back to the zoo last week and I did much better. I was more confident and the kids knew more of what was expected of them on it.  They love it, though, and I'm pretty sure it is their favorite thing about going to the zoo, so I am glad that we added that onto our membership.